Minidisc to PC problem

Hi. I have used Audacity for a number of years on windows XP, which transferred most of my old minidisc recordings to convert to MP3 format. I recently found several minidisc to copy to pc, and as I now use Windows 7 on laptop, I downloaded latest version of Audacity. Problem!!! Using a Sony Walkman minidisc MZ-R35 audio out (stereo jack) to mic in (stereo jack) on the laptop, all the waveforms are unrecognisable for sound and sound heavily distorted. I have tried changing sample rate, settings, input and everything else I can think of without any recognisable sound displayed.
If I import any music from internal HD, this plays and converts perfectly.
I tried this on another laptop also with Windows 7 and still was unable to get any results.
Any help appreciated as these tracks are required for forthcoming gig!

Newer computers don’t do that any more.

Hello, are you saying that I can no longer transfer from minidisc to laptop windows7 using Audacity??

I moved this to the Windows board for you.

What Koz is saying is that if you only have one audio input, it isn’t a proper line-level stereo input - it’s a mic input that might be able to accept line-level input in poor stereo if it is not too strong (for example, headphones output might be OK if you fed it that).

If you have turned the input level down in Audacity and it is still distorted then that’s the end of it - you need a USB interface to give you a proper line-in. See some examples here: .