mimic voice from sample

I started making a graphic for my kids using a pic of them and spoofing an orbit gum commercial.

I decided it needed audio and got a sound byte of the orbit girl. I want her to say something different though. Is it possible in audacity, using the voice sample, to record what I want it to say and make it sound like her voice (pretty close)?

I know nothing about audio editing except basic importing/splicing/basics(very basic)


Nope, sorry.

This is a very difficult problem in the Audio world. Someday I think it’ll be possible, though not for a few years, and Audacity is not likely to ever implement this feature directly (it could someday be a plugin though). But even then you need alot of different examples of a person’s speech before you can synthesize it.

Your best bet is to find someone who can imitate.

Oh well I was hoping. I’ll just do a lot of searching until I find enough sample that sound right and put it together.