"mime type invalid"

Using 2.0.2 on Win 7. I create an MP3 from Audacity and upload it to WatZatSong for song identification but get the message “The mime type of the file is invalid (“Application/x-empty”). Allowed mime types are “audio/mpeg”, “audio/x-mpeg”, “audio/mp3”, “audio/x-mp3”, “audio/mpeg3”, “audio/x-mpeg3”, “audio/mpg”, “audio/x-mpg”, “audio/x-mpegaudio”, “application/octet-stream”, “audio/x-wav”.” This message is new as I have upload songs to WatZatSong before.

What happened? What changed?

Try a known good MP3 file. Does that work? If not, then you will need to contact their website support about the problem.