Midi to Wav conversion

There is an option to import Midi files. However there will be no sound when it is played. What is the meaning of that? Do I have to use another program till convert it to a sound file? I find no help for this conversion.

What is the meaning of that?

MIDI isn’t sound. MIDI is machine control. You don’t record MIDI, you play MIDI on a musical instrument and record the sound that it makes. It’s very much like sheet music.

What most programs do is play MIDI on their own internal piano and then record the result. Two problems: Audacity has to suddenly know how to work the piano on three different computer platforms, and the type of piano isn’t defined.

That’s important. If I played the sonata I composed on my large Yamaha piano on my cheap, crappy desktop. My sonata will sound like a cheap, crappy piano.

Since Audacity is programmed by four guys in an Airstream Trailer in Land’s End…
Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 12.42.49.png
It may get to wait for a while.


So yes, play the MIDI on an APP of your choice and make it give you a WAV sound file. Never do production in MP3.


The information on this page in the manual might help you play back MIDI files.
– Bill


And poof. There’s the piano. Can I do that on all three platforms?

Can we also assume you can’t go the other way? I’m pretty sure you can’t do multiple instruments … but one? Piano (01) in an echoey room should be interesting.

Is there an instrument whose selected single note is not the spectrum peak? Bagpipes comes to mind.


Try it out. In my experience SimpleSynth properly maps the instruments in the MIDI track: guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, cymbals, etc. Don’t know if it does bagpipes.
Windows apparently has a built-in MIDI synth. I don’t know how to enable it.
This page says how to do it in Linux.
This page is the manual’s overview of Note Tracks.
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Bagpipe (109)

But the question was how to you start with a recorded bagpipe and “convert” it to its MIDI number? You have to at very minimum determine the note it’s playing. It would be like determining the musical pitch of a catfight.


AFAIK there is no reliable method to convert a sound file to MIDI.

The OP wants to know how to convert a MIDI file to audio. Short of playing it and looping it back into Audacity (using Soundflower or iShowU Audio Capture or an external device [like you do when determining latency correction]) I’m not aware of any software for Mac that does that.

– Bill

It is enabled by default on Windows.