Midi keyboard to Audacity

I use Audacity 2.4.2. on W10. I’m a new user and I’m interested in how to connect the Oxygen 25 Midi keyboard to Audacity.
She’s put on the menu like Midi, but I don’t hear her when I’m doing something.

Does the keyboard have a headphone connection? You can adapt that to your computer and record that. Digital MIDI isn’t music. It’s machine control instructions. You have to tell the keyboard to play something and then record that something.

They’re getting hard to come by with the sickness, but I use a Behringer UCA-202 and an audio adapter cable.

Change this as needed for your headphone connection.

May need a size adapter.

Actually, I have a much larger system with large separate amplifier and speakers, MIDI computer/sequencer and separate sound recorder. But that’s basically how I did it. Most of it is from the headphone connection on the keyboard.



I begin to see the problem. No headphones. The Oxygen is just a controller. Did it come with MIDI Generator or Synthesizer software? If it did, you can run that and make the computer play music. Then use foldback software or settings to make Audacity record what’s playing on the computer.


It wasn’t that long ago that Audacity had no, zero, MIDI tools. I think it will do some MIDI tricks now, but it’s not a sequencer or even a full DAW.