Midi keyboard suggestion


I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on both a Slim Phatty and Minitaur both. I’m a former LP stage 2 owner so I’m familiar with the control layout on that.

The slim phatty will be a part of my Foogertron rack, and the minitaur I plan to mainly pair up with my Fatar midi bass pedals (but who knows?).

Before you start, keep in mind that I’m not a keyboard player. I’m a bass player. So I don’t need a full size keyboard, I’m going to be creating synth patches with the Slim for ambient soundscapes, and dropping bombs with the minitaur, and if I can ever figure it out, might have some sequencing happening from outboard sequencer or iPad or something.

So 25 key would be OK, should have modwheels. But what else am I looking for?

For example, a few years ago when I was looking to do this I was looking at the m-audio axiom and axiom pro 25 key… Will this work with what I’m trying to do? What are the knobs and ““pads”” for?

I’m 100% new to MIDI, I know what it does in theory but I’ve never done any of it myself.

What other 25 key controllers can you recommend?

Also, my midi bass pedals are pretty low tech - is there some other kind of MIDI interface I can use with them, with the Minitaur that would allow me a display to see what patch is playing, etc?


Is there an Audacity question in there somewhere?

This is the Audacity audio editing forum. Audacity is not a terrific MIDI editor.


My question related to audacity, 'coz I wanted to use it with midi
anyway, I thought people here might help…
By the way, any of those [https://www.playpianotips.com/best-midi-keyboard-for-fl-studio/] models good?

Audacity is a very capable audio editor, however, it’s MIDI functionality is not very good.

You would be better off using software that supports things like direct MIDI recording, sequencing, tabulation, etc
which Audacity does not.

Plenty of free and paid for options available.
Which one you go for, will ultimately depend on things like personal preferences, features, budget and so on.