Mid-Side Plugin?

I have recently started experimenting with MS recording. I am using Sennheiser MKH-8040 (cardioid) mid, and Sennheiser MKH-30 (figure 8) side mics.

I am manually doing the old create-a-stereo-track-by-dup-and-invert-the-side-and-add-in-the-mid thing.

So, I then have a single mono track for the mid, and a stereo track for the “adjusted” side, and I can experiment with the width by playing both the mono and the stereo track simultaneously, and adjusting the gain of the mid to adjust width.

BUT… it is tedious to try to maintain a constant loudness when doing this on-the-fly because when increasing gain of the mid channel, I need reduce the gain of the side (stereo) channels to keep the volume of the result constant.

Is there such a thing as a MS plugin for Audacity that would allow me to “twist one knob” that would simultaneously control the width (i.e. adjust the relative gain between the mid and side tracks), while also maintaining constant loudness?

If the question doesn’t make sense, I would be happy to explain further.

Thank you.



Mid-Side Encoder-Decoder Plugin [VST, AU, AAX] - MSED - Voxengo (no auto gain though)
while you’re there, grab …
Graphic Equalizer Plugin, 7-Band, Harmonic [VST, AU, AAX] - Overtone GEQ - Voxengo
it can be configured to apply different EQs to mid & side.

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