Microphone stuck on 100% but recording almost inaudible

Hi, I have used Audacity on a Windows 11 laptop using a Tonor Q9 USB microphone but have recently switched to a Chromebook Plus with Linux enabled. (Lenovo Slim 3 14IA98)
Downloading and setting up Audacity 3.2.4 seemed straightforward. I have enabled Linux to have access to the microphone.
Under Audio Setup the recording device options are: VirtlO SoundCard, sysdefault, pipewire, and default. On the windows machine the Tonor Mic was visible as a device option.

The issues:
The recording level is stuck on 100%
Nothing records when USB mic is plugged in. (mic is working on my PC)
Onboard mic does record but is barely audible unless speaker vol is on max.

Any suggestions from Chromebook users on getting the microphone to work would be appreciated.


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