Microphone picking up sound from headphone

Hi guys,

I am very new to sound recording and i’m really struggling.

I’m on Windows 10 version 1909
Audacity version 2.4.1

I’m recording with a headset which has over the ear headphones and an attached microphone and i’m trying to do a game play commentary, but whenever i do it no matter how low i have the volume in the headphones it still manages to pick up the in game audio.

I have made no amendments to any settings in Audacity, I’ve just been trying to tweak my volume, when I have no sound there is no in game sound recorded, only my voice. Which is what I want, but I also need to be able to hear my game!

Is there an easy way to resolve this?

I’m guessing no. To get you and the game at all you have to run the computer Play and Record at the same time, similar to how you record Youtube or internet music.

In the Audacity control panel. What do you have set for recording device? It should be a real hardware thing like “USB MICROPHONE” or something like that. If it’s a fake thing like SoundFlower or one of the windows drivers, that’s where the problem is coming from.

I think this may be one of those: “you can’t really do this but people have discovered shortcuts.”

Write to someone who does this and discover the shortcut.


Because I’m just now waking up. You want to record game commentary without the game sound? At all? Isn’t that going to be a little…dull?

I say that because, someone will correct me, but you can’t go back and play the game exactly the same way to get the original track.


This is my point Koz, i want Nvidia Shadowplay to record my gameplay and game audio and Audacity to record my commentary

My headset and mic use the same port, the headphone jack

In Audacity my recording device reads as “Microphone Array (3-Realtek(R))”