Microphone picking up neighbor's AC

Did we ever find out which Audacity you have? The latest one is 2.3.2 and you can get it from here.

I’m also not really aware of how I’d use it; mine doesn’t have a “Soft Limit” preset

So you may have an older Audacity with tools missing.

Let’s say about a quarter to one half of each hour recorded will have that humming.

As in the last post, forget the humming for a while. That’s not the only problem you’re going to have and I want to address Everything Else.

When you get Audacity 2.3.2 installed, you will also need the ACX Check tool to inspect your submission and RMS Normalize which doesn’t come (yet) with the standard Audacity.

RMS Normalize appears under Effects, but ACX Check appears under Analyze. This can be confusing.

Scroll down to Installing Plugins.