Microphone only records my voice

I am trying to record sound effects, but only my voice is being picked up through my microphone. How do I disable noise and sounds being automatically muted?

I am using Windows 11.

That’s confusing…

The microphone will pick-up all soundwaves hitting it.

Are the sound effects acoustic soundwaves in the room? Or are they playing on your computer? Something else?

I am trying to record sound effects

Digital sound effects, right? Not you ripping actual paper to get the sound of ripping paper?

Audacity will only record from one thing. It will not record your microphone and a digital library you downloaded. There are settings where you can make the computer record everything from all devices, but you can get stuck recording keyboard, delete, copy, and user operating sounds, too.




I have the same problem and have tried 3 different microphones.

I am trying to create a sample file for a Cajun (box-drum) and am finding that Audacity records voice ok but nothing from the drum.

Started with default settings and have double-checked settings according to Audacity recommendations. Like I said, it records voice but not even a hand clap. have tried 3 different mikes, each more expensive than the last.

On this occasion Audacity is not to blame.
There are Windows “audio enhancements”, (on by default),
which permit voice, but block everything else.
They can be turned off … Disable Audio Enhancements - Microsoft Support

Many thanks. That made a difference.