Microphone Only Recording When Software Playthrough Is On.

As the title says. I have a microphone, an Audio-Technica, AT2020 USB Mike and when I try to record without Software Playthrough enabled it records slow and all I get is scratchy noises, but with it on it works fine. The problem occurred on an old version but it still persists after an uninstall and update. Windows 7. This happens under MME. Under Windows Direct Sound it just doesn’t record at all without Sound Playthrough enabled. I can’t find anything about it while searching since it seems like an obscure enough problem that unless I asked about it it would be hard to find exactly what I was looking for.

If I had to guess at it, I’d say you weren’t recording the microphone. You’re recording “Everything on the Computer.” That’s why the sound only shows up after the microphone has been into the computer and on the way out again.

– When you reinstalled Audacity, it should have asked you in the process if you wanted to reset the Preferences and Settings. Say yes, otherwise old settings will hang around and possibly create problems.

– Do you like to record YouTube performances and music? Those are the settings which can do things like this.

– Audacity checks for connections when it starts. So connect the microphone, let Windows find it and only then start Audacity. You can also Transport > Rescan.

–Your microphone should appear in Windows settings and the little Win7 sound meters should bounce when you talk.

– Your microphone should appear in the Audacity Device Toolbar.