Microphone on bluetooth headset still not being picked up

I click on Transport menu > Rescan audio devices and my bluetooth device is recognized on the app. I restart the app and press record and it does not record. I hear the sound in my headset saying the mic is active when I hit record and the mic works for other uses. I restarted my computer, and paired, re-paired and restarted audacity and still it does not pick up the sound from the mic. Any ideas on how to resolve would be most appreciated.

MAC OS Monterey 12.2.1

I don’t have a bluetooth mic to test with, but this does not surprise me. Bluetooth audio works differently from a normal sound card and may completely bypass the normal system audio, making it unavailable to Audacity.

My experience on Linux: I can play back through bluetooth headphones from Audacity, but only via PulseAudio. Connecting directly is not possible because there is no ALSA driver for the bluetooth headphones. It works through PulseAudio (the top level sound system in Ubuntu) because PulseAudio includes a special bluetooth module. Audacity does not include any audio drivers itself, and is totally reliant on the computer’s sound system.

Which Audacity? Current is 3.1.3.

Is Playthrough selected?

Audacity > Preferences > Recording > [X] Playthrough

Why do you have a headset? That’s normally something you do when you use Skype/Zoom/Meetings. Also Games. The group Gamers do that.

We don’t have proven solutions to this problem and I usually put it down to your microphone not being a simple microphone. It’s a Radio Transmission Network Device and Audacity isn’t the best at unscrambling that.

Does it say anywhere what your microphone digital specification is? 44100/16-bit/Stereo? 48000/24-bit/Mono. If Audacity can’t figure out what the specification is, it may very well just refuse to record, although that would also mean Playthrough should fail. It is a puzzlement.

I would absolutely only mess with this after you restart your Mac. Having multiple applications struggling for the same connection or device is not good.


There is one more. The blue waveforms on the timeline only show you the loudest and most important 24dB of the total 96dB recording. It is possible to get a recording and not see it.

Do a five second recording. Stop. Effect > Amplify > OK.

What happens?


I have this exact same issue.

Headphone is recognized. Audio comes through when listening to the headphone. Headphone mic is also recognized, but I just get a blue flat line.

The headphone and mic is working with all other applications on MacOS Monterey 12.4

Me too. Mine used to work fine and then one day stopped working. I’ve been hoping that with each new audacity release, it would get fixed, but still to no avail. So sad. I love audacity. When will this get fixed?