Microphone not working all of a sudden

Up until now, I have had no problem recording into a microphone even if there are other parts or if I have headphones in. I had no problem recording a guitar part today (with my headphones in) until suddenly, when I hit record, all I hear is silence (despite there being other parts) while I am recording. When I try to play it back, still silence. Turns out, my headphones only work when my mic is not plugged into my computer, but this is bad because I need my headphones so the play back sound will not be picked up by the mic, and I just want to avoid recording with my laptop speakers at all cost.

I went into settings to make sure the microphone is the default device, it already was. I went under “transport options” and turned on software play through, did not work. I tried to reset my laptop and that did not work neither. Under “sound” and then “communications” the setting is on “do nothing” like it should.

The Microphone is on, there is nothing else plugged except for my headphones. This is has not been a problem until 30 minutes ago and I do not recall doing anything drastic or differently between the minute or so window between it working and not working.

This seems like a lot, I hope I’m not being overbearing.

Audacity famously will “lose” a device or connection if it becomes disabled or disconnected even for an instant while Audacity is running. Plug everything in as you had it working before and either restart Audacity, or Transport > Rescan… That will make Audacity go out and look.

Can you connect to everything?


Sorry for the late response, but yeah, everything worked completely fine all of a sudden after I left it for a day. Is there any reason why it does that?

I also had a weird problem that wiped out all of the audio of a song I was recording. I remember saving and exiting, then I come back to the project with a screen that popped up (I have an attachment of it). Any explanation for this? (it actually restored after I got rid of 10 “orphan files” which I still am also confused about lol).
Screenshot (141).png