Microphone not Recognized

I am having the issue with Audacity, which is, when I have my microphone plugged in,it does not say that it is there. It only tells me that my microphone choices are “Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input”, “Microphone (High Definition Aud”, and another “Microphone (High Definition Aud”.

I would appreciate any information for helping this.
Or if additional information is needed.

What sort of microphone? Where is it plugged in?

If it is a USB microphone that you plugged in after launching Audacity, choose Transport > Rescan Audio Devices, or restart Audacity.


(forwarning: I am extremely uneducated in the field of microphones and sound editing)

Gale Andrews, my microphone is not USB.

Steve, my microphone is a stage microphone that I believe is closer to a studio microphone than stage. It is connected by a male-to-female chord(3-pronged). Female goes into the bottom of the Microphone(MXL-V67G), male connects to my PHP1 Phantom Power Supply box. I have another chord that plugs into the box using a female-to-jack chord. Female side goes into box, chord piece plugs into microphone slot on my computer.

My microphone used to work but now since I wiped out my computer, I open Audacity, it won’t show me it is plugged in.

(also, the PHP1 Phantom Power Supply box has a chord that connects to it going to a wall outlet for a power source. I use the power supply box because my microphone needs it to work.)

Can you check that the mic and phantom power unit are working by plugging them into something else, for example another computer or a cassette recorder?

If neither of those microphones in Audacity Device Toolbar are the one you are plugging in, then Windows is not listing the mic port (it has disabled it) or thinks it is disconnected.

Go here for Windows XP

or here for Windows Vista and later

and follow the instructions to make sure that Windows is listing the mic port.


I do not have access to either of those things, but before I wiped out my computer last week, it was working fine.

Gale, I took your advice and messed with those icons. Somehow it has become fixed.

Thank you to the both of you.
You’re both lifesavers.

If there comes a time in the future where you need my assistance, just find me.

~ The Childebeast