Microphone no longer recognized

I have a Snowball Ice USB microphone that I have been using daily with Audacity. Today, all of a sudden, it sad that it did not recognize my core audio. I checked, and it was plugged in, and I closed Audacity, and re-opened. It still won’t recognize my microphone. I checked for updates, and found that there is an update. I updated to the current version. It still won’t recognize my microphone. It wants to only use my built-in microphone. My Snowball is definitely plugged in. The red light is on, indicating that it is ready to record. I have tried everything, even Rescan Devices on Audacity. It will not recognize my microphone. What do I do? I have the latest OS X Mac. :question:

I fixed the problem. It was a little bit of a loose connection from the cable to the port on the microphone. Now everything works. What’s good about this problem is that I did find out about an Audacity update, and I love it! It works much better than the previous version. Thank you! :smiley:

Thanks for the update. Glad you got it working :slight_smile: