Microphone issues on Audacity

Does anyone else have issues on audacity with their microphone NOT working ? Sometimes I get wave form and sometimes i dont. I have a certain place i put my microphone in and it will work sometimes and other times i get small wave forms on it. I am constantly rearranging and unplugging and replugging, going into my system on my computer to make sure all my levels are correct and everything is in place, then going back into audacity to rescan my equipment etc etc. i waste so much time everyday doing this. This all started with the last two updates (3.2. and 3.3.)Does anybody have any ideas. Im so frustrated i have two microphones that got excellent reviews but i cant seem to get them to work. They are USB if that makes a difference. Thank you.

If you are on Windows, the most common cause of “strange problems” is Windows “Enhancements” which should be turned OFF to prevent Windows from messing with the sound.

Some applications like Zoom & Skype can change those settings but Audacity doesn’t do anything like that automatically.

Audacity simply “captures” the audio data stream that it gets from the operating system and drivers.

Or, some USB microphones have knobs & switches.

And make sure you’ve directly selected the USB microphone as your recording device. (Don’t use “Stereo Mix” or “loopback”.)

Thank you I’m going to look into these and see if that resolved the issue☺️

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