Microphone cutting out

I a m using Windows 10 and have updated my Audacity to 2.2.2 because I thought this was where I could resolve my problem. Here goes: Suddenly, I have to uninstall and then restart my computer to get the microphone working. I thought this solved my problem until I started to record and suddenly out of no where my recording flat lines and stops recording anywhere from 5 to 8 minutes into my recording. When it first happened, I thought my mike went out and so we bought a new mike and then all this business with not getting it to work until we finally uninstalled and then restarted the computer. I know I sound redundant, however, I have been dealing with this and have come to conclusion that I cannot fix it and have come to a dead end. Please help. Prior to this I recorded, downloaded and transferred my files without a hitch.
Thank you.

What sort of microphone?
Were they both the same make / model?
Is it a USB mic?

What other programs are you running at the same time as you are recording?

I’m using an insignia desktop microphone that uses an usb connection. I replaced a dynex mike that quite frankly looks like it’s twin. I actually record readings, download to an mp3 and post to a program that uses them for blind and print impaired listeners. When I emailed the program director he suggested that I may be out of space, however I have over 600 hours of space left as indicated by audacity program. Could there be something in the set up? For the fact that it just stops recording is a real puzzle.
Thank you.

  • Check the USB socket, and / or try a different USB socket.
  • Ensure that the USB cable is not pulling on the plug - position it so that there is a bit of slack in the cable.
  • Avoid running other applications at the same time as your recording.
  • Ensure that background maintenance tasks do not occur while you are recording (such as Windows update, virus scans, hard drive defragmentation, registry checking …)

If there’s still a problem, please describe in detail what happens when it goes wrong - we can’t see your computer, so we only know what you tell us.