Microphone and latency!!!

hello and good morning. i have audacity 2.0.5 and a microphone samsun meteor usb and i want to hear my voice and the music in my headphones when i record something. what can i do?? i have windows 7 premium 64bits and i download audacity from FileHippo.com

Thanks a lot for your help and i wait for your answer. have a nice day. Edgardo. :smiley:

There ways to minimize latancy, but multitasking computers require recording/playback buffering which means there are always recording and playback delays. If you make the buffer (latency) too small, at some point you’ll start to get “glitches”. ASIO drivers can also help, but by default Audacity does not work with ASIO. (I doesn’t look like there are any “real” ASIO drivers for your mic either, but you could probably use ASIO4ALL.)

But, your microphone has a headphone jack for direct zero-latency monitoring. You’ll have to figure-out how to monitor yourself and the background music through the mic’s headphone jack, and I think there is some information in the mic’s user manual to help with that.

It’s always if you can bypass the computer for “live monitoring”. Higher-end audio interfaces often have zero-latency “hardware monitoring” and in a pro studio you are likely to find an analog mixer as part of the monitoring setup.

They don’t all do monitoring like that, but we certified three hardware devices that can do Perfect Overdubbing. All of them require plugging your headphones into the device and not the computer. Live sound from the computer will always be late.




hello and good morning everybody. I just want to thanks to DVDdoug and kozikowski for their help. I am reading the information you send me and I am sure I will find how to fix the latency problem. thanks a lot again and have a nice weekend. greetings.

Edgardo. :slight_smile: