MicPort Pro - "swirly" audio sound

I’m using Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.2. I work in voiceover and trying to set up a “road” rig with my laptop. The mic I have is an AT4033. I am using the Phantom Power.

I have downloaded the Universal Driver from CEntrance and plugged everything in - phantom power is on. While Audacity doesn’t show the MicPort in the Input, it does record audio. However, it’s unuseable - “Swirly” and low-quality.

I’m editing to point out that the first issue I need to solve is getting AU/Win7 to recognize the MPP. Thoughts on that?

What settings have I missed?

The one where you tell Windows to stop processing the sound to “help” you.


This may not be the only place to find this stuff, but that’s the usual suspect. Windows is always trying to produce a voice conference, not a theatrical recording. The first time you put a musical note through the channel, Windows will try to cancel it out.


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