Mic records above track into new one! :(

I hope I can explain this…I’m having trouble recording tracks. I took a screen capture to show what it is doing.

I can record a track under an above track for one time without any problems, but for some reason after I record a second track it overdubs and records the above tracks with it, ruining the song.

I drew an arrow to show the tract that does this. As I lowered the volume the track’s recording lowered too, as you can see in the picture I uploaded.

What can I do? Is it a problem with my settings? How can I fix this?

You can’t use Playthrough while you’re overdubbing.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording: [X] Overdub — the only thing selected.

You can also get that if you’re recording from Stereo Mix or one of the other techniques of streaming or self-recording. You have to be recording directly from the microphone, mixer or whatever device you’re performing into.

The settings for recording YouTube sound are different from Overdubbing.