Mic not working using Lexicon Alpha - Windows 10


I tried searching the forum to see whether there was a previous post that would help me with my issue. I have not found a post that answers my exact question.

I am using Windows 10
Lexicon Alpha/Cubase LE5
Audio Technica AT2020 microphone

I have installed Cubase Le5 and Lexicon drivers per instruction (I think). I can watch videos/hear sounds using headphone jack on Lexicon but I cannot get any sound to be recognized through the mic while recording.

Setup is simple - mic is plugged into Lexicon using an XLR cable. Lexicon is connected via USB cable. Any thoughts on how to correct this issue?



Audacity gets its sound from Windows, not the Lexicon.

Right-click the speaker icon by the clock and check out the Windows Sound Control Panels. Is the Lexicon listed there and does the little green sound meter jump?


Oddly, Lexicon is the default but when I speak into the mic (Audio Technica) the internal mic is picking up the sound. No green bars appear next to the Lexicon.

Windows 10 is not a Windows Upgrade. It’s a whole new system, so hardware, software and drivers have to be Windows 10 Compliant and they have to say so. Somewhere in your software updates has to be the Win10 drivers and they should come from Lexicon, not the generic drivers from Microsoft.

As above, Audacity gets its sound from Windows, not the hardware. You have to make Windows happy. If this used to work under Win10, then there may be something broken.



Thanks for the advice. This is a brand new install on a machine with Windows 10. I believe that my question is better suited for a Lexicon forum. I’m going to try to install on a Windows 7 machine and see what happens.

I’m going to try to install on a Windows 7 machine

That at least should work with the older software and drivers. After Windows wakes up, you can use the Audacity Device Toolbar to find it for recording.


Audacity checks for devices and services when it starts. So start Audacity last or Transport > Rescan…


The Lexicon site states bluntly support for Windows 10 is not currently offered for Lexicon digital hardware,.