Mic not working - Need HELP


This is my first time ever using Audacity. Really need help setting this up.

I’m using:

Windows 10 Home / 64xbit
Audacity 2.1.0 / Received from my university, don’t remember if zip or exe
Mic specs:

eBerry® Plug and Play Home Studio Adjustable USB Desktop Microphone Compatible w/PC and MAC ideal for Chatting, Skype, MSN and Recording

• USB Microphone offers excellent sound quality with any plug-and-play enabled PC or Mac device
• Designed to filter out background noises for crisp, clear audio
• Neck is adjustable to fit wherever it’s needed | USB Cable Length: 3.5ft
• Plug : USB 2.0;Sensitivity : -67 dBV/pBar,-47 dBV/Pascal +/-4dB
• USB -Mikrofon for PC and Mac Microphone USB pour PC ou Ma

Getting an error (see screen shot) when I try to use my mic on the Audacity record.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as I need to make an animation for my class and it must have sound.
Thank you so much!!

We posted instructions on this, but before you go there, you should know Audacity checks for devices and connections when it starts. If you started Audacity and then plugged the mic in, it will be invisible.

Restart or you can also try Transport > Rescan.

You select devices with the Device Toolbar.


Sound Device Error:



:smiley: Yes!! Thank you so much, Koz!! Duh!! I just plugged in the mic at the USB and turned on Audacity, hit record and recorded myself saying “DUH” hahaha :laughing: You’re a lifesaver and I can dig that! I’m glad I asked early on in this class because our assignment is for each of us to take a classic fairytale and put a twist on it, providing storyboard panels and an audio script to sync up with it. I’m doing my most favorite fairytale of all time Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Tinderbox” but turning the dogs to puppies and having it be a no-kill story :slight_smile: I hadn’t read it since I was a kid, it’s pretty violent, but most of society didn’t really look at violence the same way back then as most people do today, still I want it to have wide audience appeal (in class) so out with the dark stuff in with the light. Thank you, thank you, thank you !! ~ Sincerely, BCR8TV (Crystal)

Just a note. Audacity will not Save a sound file. To get a common, stand-alone sound file, you have to File > Export.

Audacity default is WAV (Microsoft) at the same high quality as an Audio CD. If you need an MP3 file, you have to add the Lame software package to Audacity. Scroll down on this page.