Mic not showing in devices list

Hello, :imp: :imp: I’ve tried looking at all YouTube tutorial fixes to this but every fix just tells me to go to recording preferences and click my mic from the drop down list,
But for some reason I just can’t for the life of me find it in the list,
There is only 1 in the list called “realtek high definition audio”
And it’s definitely not that cos when I record from that it just records sound from my PC mic instead of the mic I plugged in.

Can you help my PC and audacity to find my mic please, I’m kind of a tech retard when it comes to this and have no idea what sound drivers are or anything so please explain in simple terms please

Also jus so you know the mic is a wireless karoakee mic I bought off eBay, I plugged the reviecer into the headphone jack hoping I can record from that, it is possible right?

headphone jack

Assuming it is actually a headset jack. Is that what your computer instructions say?

I would expect your built-in microphone to go silent if you plugged something into that socket.

Also, what do the Windows control panels have to say? Audacity gets it’s connection from Windows, not the microphone or computer. Look in the Windows control panels (speaker symbol lower right??)

It’s also possible that a microphone can hide from you if you cross stereo/mono by accident. Audacity is expecting a stereo thing and you present mono, or the reverse.


My windows panel say same thing as audicty, that there’s no mic option to select from the drop list, only “realtek high definition audio”

And what is built in mic?
Is that the real Tek high thing that I see in the drop menu?
Or is that jus the sound that comes out of my pc?

If you have a laptop, then it’s almost 100% certain you have a built-in microphone somewhere. Consult your instructions. If it’s a desktop, then you don’t have a built-in microphone and Realtec is the soundcard in the back.

jus the sound that comes out of my pc?

Computers have two natural pathways: Something inside the machine sends sound out to the speakers or headphones. This is how you hear YouTube music.

A separate pathway sends a microphone or other sound maker in to be recorded in Audacity or the recorder of your choice.

They don’t cross. If you want to record a YouTube song, you have to run special software or do a special setup to cross the Playback and the Record systems at the same time.

If it’s a desktop, do you have a soundcard in the back with three (or more) holes in it.


no, i have laptop, it dont have those holes on the back, only a headphone jack on the side,
and nah, i jus wanna record my vocals over a instrumental, not record a youtube song,

not sure what to try to try and get my pc to recognise the mic? any suggestions?.. like download a new sound driver or something?
its also possible the headphone jack on my pc may only be for output and not input so i dont know, what would u try if u was in my shoes?
try selling my audiojack mic n get a usb mic instead?

also i dont have ibstructional manual as i bought this laptop online n it didnt come with 1