Mic not Recording

I upgraded to Monterey on Mac, now when I try to record on my mic the red recording line pops up, but it doesn’t move or record anything. If I use my built-in microphone, it records no problem. I’ve checked permissions, I’ve updated my audio interface, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled audacity, amongst other stuff and I can’t find a solution.

Possibly Transport > Transport Options > Enable Sound Activated Recording.

If that doesn’t change the behavior, try Tools > Reset Configuration

Tried them, didn’t work, but thank you

I am a Windows guy, so at this point I am going to defer to someone with macOS experience.

Recording works with the built-in microphone, but not with a different audio input? What is the other audio input device? Can you choose that audio input device in System Preferences?

The other audio input device is a AT2035 mic, and yes it is selected in the system preferences.

Fixed the issue, turns out it was an audio interface issue not an audacity problem. Thank you!!

Which audio interface issue? We like to know about failures that can make Audacity look like it’s broken.


After having to update my computer software (twice cus the first to Catalina had a load of other issues namely my mic disappearing when I opened audacity) I needed to upgrade my UR12 Seinsburg, which I did, but it looks like I did it wrong the first time. After trying, it again, I got it all to work.

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