Mic not picking up sound after switching laptops

Please could someone help me.

I’ve been recording happy on audacity on my very old HP laptop for years using a razor seiren mini microphone for my job as a VO artist.
I recently upgraded to a Samsung laptop, installed audacity and even though the microphone is recognised its just a very low muffled sound that comes out. The blue line isn’t moving according to how loud/quiet I’m speaking.
I just brought a Blue Yeti mic- same problem occurs.
It would just be nice to work on my new laptop, because the HP will give out any day now!
I have the latest versions on both laptops.

Many thanks for reading!

Check your Privacy Settings and make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF.

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Thank you so much for replying, but no luck yet! :frowning:

Check you’re actually recording from the external (USB) microphone,
rather than the computer’s in-built microphone.

Disable any recording "audio enhancements " Windows may have applied.
(Windows “audio enhancements” can be on by default in a new computer).

Check the supercardioid Razer Seiren Mini is the right way around.
It will sound bassy & roomy if you’re not taking into the side with the RAZER logo.

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Thank you very much for replying

Unfortunately no yet luck after checking all of those things…

I will attach how it looks when recording from old laptop and new…

Mic level slider is in different position.

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You star! Thank you so much! Always something so simple!
HUGE thank you for the replies, I really appreciate it :smiley:

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