Mic is super low in volume when I record.

Hi, I recently bought a mic from Amazon, I got the AOKEO OBSIDIAN AK-60. The mic pics up my voice and I’ve been able to reduce the outside noise which helped but can anyone give me some advice as to how to make it work properly?

This microphone requires " plug in power" via the 3.5 mm jack. Many computers won’t provide that on the standard microphone socket so you need a sound card or a suitable modern computer. Alternatively you could connect to a more sophisticated interface providing phantom power using XLR to XLR.

So I actually got a sound card with it and I’ve been able to clear enough of the static in the background so you can hear my voice clearly I just don’t know how to turn up my voice cause in my playback if it’s up all the way I can hear it ok at best. And I’m using Audacity. Any thoughts?


Did you get the set with boom, cables, blast filter, etc?


Microphones in this range can be forced to work with the included interface…

Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 2.44.55.png
…but it’s not the first choice. The voice is likely to be low volume and easily distorted

The microphone is directional and you have to be in front of it for it to work right. The problem is getting the instructions to tell us where the front is. I think we decided it’s a side-fire microphone which means you should be speaking into the side grill just above the company name, similar to this.

You should be about a Hawaiian Shaka away…

…unless you use the pop and blast filter which lets you get closer.

After you announce and record in Audacity, you will very likely need to boost the volume. Effect > Amplify: OK as a start.

What is the goal? Why are we doing this?


I’ve been able to clear enough of the static in the background so you can hear my voice clearly

That may be a serious restriction right there. The included interface is likely to be noisy and low volume. Reducing noise and boosting volume can create a honky, wine-glass distortion that the audiobook publishers don’t like very much.

This is where knowing the job can be important.


It doesn’t matter if the microphone is upside down or not. Both work OK.


You may be able to increase the sound level using the windows advance sound control panel.