Mic doesn't work?

Hello, I just tried to record but it didnt record my mic, it recorded white noise? I have tried looking at the sound mixer and i have chosen my mic and everything but it still doesn’t work? Is this a problem with my mic or is it the soundcard or something?

Fill in all the maker and model numbers. “I’m using a XXX microphone, an ZZZ mixer, a laptop with YYY operating system, etc.”


I just got a new mic: A MU-75 Usb Condenser mic, but all it records is white noise and then my VERY distorted voice which is really low no matter how close i get to it…Does anyone know why?

It sounds like it may be a problem with the mic.
First thing, try rebooting the computer.
If that does not fix it, can you try the mic on a different computer?

I tried to reboot the computer but it actually made it worse…now it sounds really muffled and theres alot of brown noise (i think its brown noise)?

Check that if you are only recording from the USB device, i.e. disable all the other recording devices as they could be contributing noise … http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Mixer_Toolbar_Issues#cp

Your computer may need to (automatically) download driver software for this USB device, if so it will have to be connected to the internet when you first attach the device.