Mic broken or something else?

I have a podcast and I edit my episodes with Audacity.
Generally I plug my microphone in the USB and I record the episode. The mic has a gain setting that never changed in these months, the only thing I need to adjust every time is the mic input volume of Windows because it seems to me that change everytime. Anyway I don’t know why but seems that starting from yesterday my mic recording has a slightly different sound, I dunno, seems more loudly. I don’t know if there is something related with the USB, the mic or a setting in Audacity. Could you help me?

Windows audio-enhancements are the prime suspect. A Windows update may have enabled them.
Here’s how to switch them off … https://youtu.be/sxnUjiGgBaI
[ disable any enhancement on the recording & the playback tabs ].

You can also get changes if you like to use software that manages sound such as Skype, Zoom, Meetings, or Chat. Sometimes they leave their management running even though you closed the application. Do Not leave any of those apps running in the background or napping while you’re recording. That’s begging loudly for trouble.

Another possible cause of sound problems is a ratty or loose USB cable. All you need is one brief disconnect and Audacity will forget all about your fancy production microphone and start using your laptop built-in, as an example. Make sure your microphone is listed after the microphone symbol.


One more. Connect your microphone first and then start Audacity. It doesn’t work automatically if you do it backwards.


I disabled but it is the same, it is only slighly different, but I dunno why. Seems like it increase his gain, the mic take more background noise and there is a very little echo.