Mic audio is not present during recording

I have a DJ set up comprising of Turntables and CDJ’s going through a Behringer DJX750 stereo mixer. I’m connecting this to my laptop via line in from the record outputs on the mixer. Audacity picks up the music audio perfectly, but my Mic (which is plugged into the mixer) is not picked up at all, yet is audible live. Am I missing something?


You will need to look in the DJX750 user manual to find out how to route the mic through to the recording outputs.

I’m afraid the manual doesn’t explain that.

What if you record from the “booth” output?

Nope…tried that :frowning:

I don’t see anywhere in the manual where it says that the microphone goes to the tape out, so my guess is that it doesn’t. In other words, it’s an intended “feature” that the tape out gives you a mix of your music only. That’s just my guess, and the DJX750 is not our product, so to find out for sure, ask Behringer: https://www.music-group.com/brand/behringer/support
Let us know what you find out - it could help others.

The book also suggests that the microphone is for the enjoyment of the audience and there is special provision for “music under” so you can be heard clearly.


The mixer Master Out may be the only way to get the Floor Mix. “Y” cables for a split might be good. You should remember that Master Out is upstream of the amps and you should not touch those cables during the performance. There is no ‘disconnect the recorder half-way through and go home’. That’s a good way to blow a speaker.


laptop via line in

Does your laptop actually have blue Line-In socket? Even Macs stopped doing that. Many machines have a Universal connection which generally does a bad job of recording everything.

I like the Behringer UCA-202 for recording my analog mixer. It’s a good quality, stereo USB interface and that’s pretty much all it does. I have two.


Thanks everybody for your help. I’ll try all these suggestions and post an update when I have a definitive outcome.