Mic and Headphones not in sync while recording

Hi, please dont rip my head off for asking this question ive spent hours searching but cannot seem to find a fix to my issue

I am trying to start a new podcast and have recently downloaded audacity. Everything seems to work fine but when i try using the headphones i have this slight delay while recording. It throws me off while talking. its like a .500 millsecs delay but i do not know how i can go about fixing it.

does anyone have a step by step on how i can get them in sync i HIGHLY appreciate the help

i am using :

Neewer NW-7000 usb microphone
dell inspiron laptop with no sound upgrades.

Neewer is determined not to show me an operator’s manual for this microphone.

Is there a place to plug a headphone into the microphone? Some microphones have that.

The other way to do it is plug the headphones into the microphone interface (on the left).

You can plug headphones into a sound mixer.

What you can’t do is plug the headphones into the computer. Your sound is always going to be “one computer late.” Your voice has to go into the computer, find Audacity, go through Audacity routing and then back out. It’s always going to be late.

How complicated is the podcast? Are you following a recipe or YouTube description? Friends helping out? Do you know someone who is doing a similar show?

You wingin’ it?


i really appreciate the help! No i am winging it and did some research on budget mics just to get my feet wet and get the ball rolling.

the microphone does not have a headphone jack i can plug into.

What mixer do you recommend to use. Something i can use easily via usb since i am using a lap top.