Metronome looper

This effect is similar to “Click Track” except that rather than the limited range of sounds that can be used for the click, this effect uses the audio from the first 1 second of the selection.
An unavoidable quirk of using the sound from the track is that this plug-in is classed as an “Effect” rather than a “Generator”, thus it appears in the Audacity Effect menu.


  • Tempo (bpm): [30 to 330. Default 120]
    The number of beats per minute.
  • Number of beats per bar: [1 to 8. Default 4]
    The number of beats per bar.
  • Number of bars: [0 yo 160. Default 16]
    The total number of bars to be generated.
  • Pitch shift first beat (semi-tones): [-8 to +12. Default 5]
    The first beat of the bar may be pitch shifted between 8 half tones lower than the original, to 12 half tones higher.
  • Pitch shift other beats: [-12 to +8. Default -7]
    The remaining beats can be pitch shifted by between 12 half tones down to 8 half tones up. The amplitude of these beats are lower than the first beat so that the first beat of each measure (bar) is accented.

Click here for installation instructions .
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metroloop.ny (1.55 KB)

This will be really useful to me. Thanks Steve!

Thanks! This is great.