Metallic/Sharp voice on stereo but looks fine when using earphones

Hi guys,

I want to ask you for some feedback on how to fix a sharp or metallic voice. So I recorded the audio using a Roland recorder and the original files are okay. They don’t have this issue. However, after I edited the audio in Audacity and used just some minor effects, such as noise reduction, normalization and compression, it seems that when I export the audio and I play it on stereo I get this sharp tone to the audio.

When I play the audio on my computer it seems okay and the sharpness and the metallics voice isn’t there, unbeknownst to me as why. But when I play it on my phone on the speakers the difference is obvious. I wonder if the issue is with how I edited the audio. Is there anything that I can do to repair the audio?

To have an idea as to what I mean I played a portion of the audio on my IPhone and recorded the audio using another IPhone. I upload the file here so you can play it and give some feedback. Thanks a lot!

Best regards!

The metallic sounds are file-size-compression artefacts, (made consspicuouss by excesssive ssibilance).

De-ess first (before exporting)…
then when exporting avoid using low bitrate (low quality) settings.

The artefacts are in the range 4.5kHz to 7.5kHz, depending on the frequency-response of the transducers on the device, (earphones, speakers), the volume of artefacts could be enhanced or diminished.