Is it possible to include the podcast cover (artwork) in the file metadata?

If not, would you consider adding this feature please? It would be very helpful.

I usually add the episode cover in Auphonic, but the program has a glitch - keeps adding my previous episode cover to the new file which I can’t remove.

The Audacity metadata would need to override the Auphonic coding.


Not with Audacity. Audacity does not support artwork in metadata.
You could use the free metadata editor “MP3Tag” ( to add the artwork after exporting from Audacity.

This feature request was logged some time ago (, though it is closed for now with the comment:
Improving metadata handling is not planned for the moment, closing for now. There may be a bigger metadata release eventually, follow #1464 for that.

ok thanks Steve.

Sorry about the delay - gmail has sent your reply into the spam folder.

Can I change the email address associated with my Audacity forum?

I’m moving away from gmail, it has an increasing number of bugs and there is no support.

You should be able to change it in your “User control panel” (click on your name near the top right corner of the forum).
If you have problems doing that, send me a PM.

Note that hotmail / MSN / outlook are notorious for not delivering mail from forums. It may be easier to just white list the forum in your gmail settings.

Thanks Steve.

that’s actually a gmail problem - it arbitrarily decides what is spam and what is not. I’m moving away from gmail to other platforms altogether.

I went to the User Control Panel as per your instructions, however I can’t see anywhere an option for me to update my email address.

I have replied to your PM and provided my new email address there - could you please update it for me, it looks like this is available to admin only.


That should be in:
“User Control Panel > Profile (tab) > Edit Account Settings”


You’re welcome :wink:

Thank you!