Metadata Tags

Hello, and thanks in advance for your help! I have a few questions:

I am using Audacity 2.0.6 on a Windows 64-bit 8.1 operating system., loaded by .exe installer.

  1. Can the field titles in the “Edit Metadata Tags” be customized?
    My project involves converting hundreds of non-published analog music cassettes to .wav files, and, usually, the field names “Track Title,” “Artist Title,” “Album Title,” “Track Number,” and “Genre,” are non-applicable. More useful would be fields such as “Article Number,” “Media Source,” and so forth.

  2. Is all the metadata entered imbedded in the copy produced? When I replay the conversion in Windows Media Player, for example, a few of the items appear in sequence as text. Are other metadata fields lost?

  3. Are the metadata form fields derived from some sort of organization standard such as determined by RIAA, and for that reason, inalterable?

Art Harrison

Not my area of expertise, but there is some info about this in these links:

I was writing while Steve was, but I’ll post my reply “as is”.

Yes you can add custom tag fields below the default ones.

All tags (including custom tags) are embedded in ID3 format (custom tags may not be seen by all players). The seven default tags (plus “Copyright” and “Software” only) are also embedded as LIST INFO tags. See the link Steve gave

Windows Media Player only reads LIST INFO tags in WAV and I think will only read the seven default Audacity tags. You can find players that will read all the WAV tags Audacity writes including custom tags, for example Foobar2000 (it reads ID3 in WAV files).

See the links in