metadata tags not showing

openSUSE 42.3 KDE

Audacity 2.1.0 - I am using this version because of a bug [since fixed] in later versions. I have not upgraded because it is still working fine.

EasyTag 2.4.3 a Audio file metadata editor

I use EasyTag to correct the metadata on multiple files at once, since I have a lot of mp3 files.
I use Audacity to remove silence and improve sound faults and other things for these mp3 files.

My problem is that when I export a file from Audacity and the Metadata Tag Editor opens up none of the info I have created from the file in EasyTAG shows in Audacity Metadata Tag Editor.
Shouldn’t it remain with each file? Is it an Audacity problem, an EasyTAG problem or just the idiot behind the keyboard?

Any idea why this would be?
Is it not supposed to?
What can I do to correct this?

Audacity supports a limited number of tags, and only one set of tags per project (not per track).
If you import an MP3 with ID3v2.3 tags into a new empty project, the tags should appear in Audacity’s Metadata editor.