Metadata tag value & auto-fill pop-up list


I am a proud Audacity 2.0.3 user.

When exporting audio mp3 file Audacity gives an opportunity to edit Metadata Tag Values prior to saving mp3 file.

I am entering (typing) values for Artist Name, Genre each time for new ‘save’ even the values going to be same as that of previous saved file.

My friend told me that he thinks there is Auto Fill feature for Audio file properties which pops-up list of previously used tag values to choose from. I looked Audacity Preferences but could not find any lead in this regard.

I will appreciate your confirming if this feature is available for saving mp3 file from Audacity 2.0.3.

I also have a related question. I am using file Properties in Windows folder to assign tag values by selecting desired value from auto-fill pop list. If an incorrect value got entered it also gets added to auto-fill pop list for next use. Seeing an incorrect value pop-up is irritating. Is there any way to clear/clean the incorrect saved values from auto fill pop-up selections for attribute/properties? Thanks in advance

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Anami Bhargava

Thanks, though we are now at 2.0.5: Audacity ® | Download for Windows .

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See the Manual: Audacity Manual . You can save a template and then load the template when required, or you can use the “Set Default” button which means that those fields present when you Set Default will always have those values if no other values are already present.

If you use Export Multiple then load the template, the templated values are not passed to the metadata window for the next song. I think that is correct, given we don’t have any choice for passing metadata through to the next window at the moment.

So is this a Windows history list? On Windows 7 I don’t see a history if I right-click over an MP3 in Explorer > Properties, choose the “Details” tab then add or edit tag fields. You would have to say exactly what version of Windows you have and exactly how you are adding tag values.



I have Windows 7 Home Premium Version 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1)

The following may describe what I want to accomplish.

When I look at MP3 file Properties, and try to enter value for Genre, a drop list offers multiple values (some of them are incorrect and no good). I want to clear incorrect values from drop-list memory so that only good values are offered to choose from.

In the given screen capture I want to remove invalid values (first 6) from auto-fill memory for ever so that I am offered only the list of last 3 valid values. The invalid values got accumulated from past entries/use but they are no good any more.

Is there any way I can accomplish this?

I am thankful and appreciate your kind help.


Anami Bhargava
Properties - unwanted auto-fill values.JPG

I don’t have that history list and don’t see a setting for it in any Windows documentation online.

Have you installed some program that adds that list? If so, contact the author of the program.

If not, try searching the Windows registry for “Radhasoami” (without quotes). If you are lucky it might be stored as a plain text value somewhere and you might find a setting in the same key for the length of the list. Don’t do this unless you are confident using the Registry and unless you backup the registry first. Any damage caused to your computer is your own responsibility.


Gale, thanks.