Metadata question

I’m using Windows 7 and Audacity 2.1.2 but my question is general. First time posting.

I’ve edited the metadata on an mp3 file as I wanted to put some information there which I want others to find. I added several of my own custom fields and created a .mp3 file with this data. All good. I can see the data when I open the file in Audacity.

My question is more general, but I don’t know where to ask but here. Is there any way other than with Audacity where other can see this custom metadata? As I created new custom fields they don’t show up as standard metadata (like track, artist, etc). If the only way to see this is in Audacity that’s OK, I just need to know if these custom “fields” can be seen in some other way.


You might be able to see them with [u]MP3Tag[/u].

But in general, nobody is going to see that information when they play the file with Windows Media Player, etc. If the information is useful to other people, maybe make a separate text file.

Thanks. I tried MP3Tag and it doesn’t see the data.

The audio file is part of a puzzle of sorts. I want to put some clues that the solver needs to find in the metadata. These clues tell them what they need to do with the audio to solve the puzzle. What I’ve done is put information in the comment (which can be seen by media players and also windows properties etc) suggesting Audacity can help. So that will encourage them to download Audacity and that will work.

I’ve also discovered that opening the .mp3 file as a text file (e.g. with Windows Notepad) I see all the custom information I added. It is a bit messy, but it is all there at the start of the file. So there is a way to see it without Audacity, which is what I wanted to understand. It is much more nicely presented in Audacity however.