metadata for windows media player

I’m digitizing cassettes and lp’s through Audacity to bring into Windows Media Player. I’ve only tried to export once and the metadata for song title, album name and artist did not export. I had to manually enter it into WMP. Am I missing something?

Windows 7, dell laptop, audacity 2

Support for metadata varies enormously depending on both the program that you are using and the type of audio file.
Full details of the Audacity Metadata editor can be found here:

WMP probably does not support metadata in WAV files and support in other types may be different from Audacity. This is not a problem that is unique to WMP and Audacity - just about every media play is different from just about every other.

It gives the impression of so doing. I rip to WAV rather than MP3 and all my ripped tracks show “metadata”. However, I suspect that this may have been retrieved from the Internet after the rip and then added into the WMP Library. Therefore it may not be being stored as “file attached” metadata.