Metadata for multiple tracks not working as before?

Hi there. Just downloaded 3.4. When I edit the metadata before exporting it no longer remembers the artist, album title, year, and genre from track to track - I have to type all the information in for each track. Previously it would automatically bring the information from the first track forward to the rest, and I would only have to edit the track name (if necessary).

Am I missing something?


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I have the same issue, it would be great if there were still a way for it automatically to use the first track’s (album name, artist etc.) details in the following tracks, with only their names and track numbers being advanced according to each track’s position and label, respectively.

Ok, I think I may have discovered how to do this…?

Before exporting the tracks on an album, go into the: Edit > Metadata Editor …then enter the value for those fields you wish to be common to all tracks - e.g., the Album Title, Artist, Year etc. - clicking “Ok” in that dialog once you’re done.

These fields then seem to be carried forward into each track’s fields from the export view of the metadata…

(I’ll test it exports ok, having used this method, then post back if it does.)

For me that does not work.

This has worked for me. The steps:

  1. In "Edit > Metadata Editor " dialog, place the common fields, then click “Ok”
  2. In the “File > Export Audio” dialog, select “Multiple Files”, then optionally click “Edit Metadata”, entering any track-specific entries there may be (e.g. on an album with multiple artists/years etc.), click “OK” to save this;
  3. Click “Export”, and the files are written with the per-track metadata.

(I actually think this may be better than the previous version, as now the per-track meta data appears save-able in its own right, where before it was more tightly bound to the actual multi-file export process.)

I had the same problem and initially reverted to v3.3.3. rather than having to repeat the data for each track. But your procedure works for me on v3.4.1 . Thanks!

I think I preferred the way it worked before, as now it would be easy to unwittingly reuse the prior metadata on a future export. This was not possible in the earlier versions. I will have to retrain my “muscle memory” to make sure the metadata is properly set each time before exporting a new set of files.

See: v3.4.0 Meta data set default not working on audio export · Issue #5494 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

Unfortunately, this method did not work for me, whereas v3.3.3 worked great (in Windows 10). If anyone is aware of this being an OS issue/constraint, I would be appreciative and will also revert to the previous working version.

That now does work in the newer 3.4.2.
I will have to add a shortcut key to the EDIT MetaData when exporting as MP3.
It is still now an extra step than in 3.3, that I’ll have to live with!

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