Metadata doesn't show in WAV files

I filled in all the metadata in the editor before exporting. But when I look in the details of the file under properties, nothing shows. In addition, the boxes don’t activate, so I can’t change the tags in details after exporting. If I convert the file to MP3, the tags are magically filled in, which makes it so much easier to sort music in a library, not to mention info on the burned CDs. I don’t want MP3 files, however. I prefer the sound of WAV.

I have Win7 & Audacity 2.0.3

See here where the limitations of WAV metadata are documented.

For metadata in lossless files, try FLAC or AIFF, but FLAC does not play in Windows Media Player without additional codecs.

Just as in Audacity, most players and applications don’t support a wide range (or any) metadata in WAV files.

The best solution is to add the tags in the application you want to use to play the files. If you use Windows Media Player to add the tags then Explorer will probably see them (and certainly Windows Media Player will) but few or no other programs will see that metadata. The same applies if you use iTunes to play and tag the files.

Audio CD’s do not support audio file metadata. You have to enter metadata separately as CD-Text: