Meta Tags not loading by default

Hi, i have seen about how to “Add” values and save, but my problem is not the same.

I have several songs that i wish to use the same “Meta Tag” - with values allready inserted, i only have to change one value everytime (for instance the Year), i save the template and click on “Set Default”. I then save everything.
I don’'t close Audacity but open up a new song i wish to edit - but when i save the song, the Meta Tag is not what i saved as default?

I did read that if i shut down a project, then this happens - but how do i close that file/song and open a new song/file without this happening?
I usually just click on the “X” in the top left corner of the “Wave”, leaving Audacity open - (screen shot included). That closes that window and i just drag and drop another file.


Clicking the [X] does not close the project, it only closes that one track. Audacity projects may have multiple audio tracks (and other types of tracks:

Each project has one set of metadata. The metadata persists until either you modify it, or close the project.

To close a project, select “Close” from the File menu (I think the shortcut on Mac is “Command + W”).

If the project has metadata and you close all of the tracks, then the metadata should still be present. However, if you import a file that has metadate into a project, then Audacity will use the metadata from the most recently imported file.

That only sets the “default” metadata - when you open a new project, it will have the default metadata. Importing a file that has metadata into that project will overwrite the default metadata.

What you need to do is to “Save” the metadata template (this creates an XML file containing the metadata), and then when you want to use that metadata, open the editor and “Load” that metadata template.

OK, so lets see if i have this correct:

As every song/track i import into Audacity allready has a “Meta Tag” content embedded into it, thats the Meta Tag Audacity is going to start from?
So, i have to actually open a “saved” Meta Tag Default i previously saved - everytime i save a new mp3?

Not actually a problem of course, one i can live with.
Which makes me think i don’t really have to “Save a Project”, as all of my mp3 songs are seperate Projects in themselves?
Once again, not a problem for me as Audacity is doing a great job anyway - :sunglasses:

Am i correct please?