meta-data for Vinyl Recording

By ‘meta-data’ I mean data about a vinyl recording which is analogous to that captured by modern digital cameras and encodied into an image, under the IPTC standard

Audacity has the option to capture some information about the ‘song’ (what a superbly inappropriate term for a digitised recording of classical music). The information that van be captured is very limited in the context of a classical symphony for example.

Is there an industry standard for such information, capturing such items as:

  • composer
  • title of work
  • opus number
  • Deutsch , BWV or similar classification number
  • signature key
  • main soloists
  • orchestra
  • conductor
  • date of recording
    -record label name

and so on

Is there a way to add this info into an Audacity exported selection/ If not, I plane to build a database, which will of course be disconnected from a recording (which is a shame).

Any comments?

The standard music formats only support a certain amount of meta-data and it’s fixed. This is something of a historic problem. In order to save space and increase the amount of music with the technology of the time, Music CDs have no meta-data.

Some of the newer music compression formats can have User Data and that may be useful.