Messed up sample rate while recording

Recently, I jumped on v3.0.2 and I experience a strange problem while recording. I tried to figure it out, but no success…
First of all, I am using 48000 sample rate as standard for my recordings (this value is set under Windows Sound settings and in Audacity as well).
In v3.0.2 (before v3.0.2 I was using 2.4, so I cannot compare with 3.0.1) when I record (I hit Shit+R), some of the tracks record with wrong sample rate. I can hear it - the pitch is higher, I can see it - the length is shorter than it should be. I can fix it easily - I change track rate from 48000 to 44100 and then I resample the track back to 48000. The strange thing is that this happens randomly - just few of the tracks are bad and the rest are ok. Usually the first one is messed up, but not always. Sometimes it is 1 out of 10, sometimes there are 4 bad tracks in row and then the rest is ok.
What’s going on? Any ideas?

Now I have realized that this is very important to add: I have this problem with multiple laptops. Microphone is AT2020USB+ or RODE NT-USB. I am recording remotely via Quick Assist and monitoring sound via Zoom with Original Sound feature enabled. Zoom feature Auto adjust mic level is disabled.

I’ve just finished another recording session and I have a little update - probably in the same time as I started to use v3.0.2 I also started to use a music track in 44100 (before it was 48000). As this can have possible influence at the bug I have reported, I cannot be sure now that the bug is related with the latest Audacity version. Today I had my first recorded track “broken” and I noticed that my music track is in 44100. So I resampled the music track to 48000. After that, all tracks were recorded properly. We had just around 15 takes, so it is still early to make an conclusion. But maybe this is the cause of the problem - for projects with overdub enabled, like singing along with the music, if the music track is in 44100, then it can sometimes mess the rate at which the recording is written. But maybe it is just false clue… I will see after few more recording sessions.

This is probably the cause of the problem.
I don’t use Quick Assist, but I know that Zoom tries to take control of the sound system and configure it for optimum network efficiency. I don’t know of any way to force Zoom to use a specific sample rate - if it is struggling to run at one sample rate, it will reduce the sample rate without asking.

You can see what sample rate is being used by zoom in “Settings > Statistics > Audio”.