Merging Tracks

Morning, Todays quandary is that I’ve contacted several of the artist I listen to and asked them to create voice overs or lead in voice tracks to their music. However, when the VLC is on shuffle mode, it would play the voice track then skip right over the associated track the artist was talking about. So is it possible to connect these two tracks so they will always stay connected even during shuffle mode.

Shuffle thinks the voice tracks are songs. To keep them together, you might need to burn a new song with its introduction built-in.

That does work, but you might not want to do it. If all your songs are MP3, then Audacity is going to make a new composite MP3 and the MP3 compression sound damage is going to get worse.

MP3 gets its small, convenient files by causing cleverly hidden sound damage and leaving some sounds out. This can work OK as long as you only make an MP3 once. You might hear damage if you make an MP3 from an MP3, and you totally can’t do it three times.

So if you downloaded your songs and cut them for your player and then made another new version with the introduction…that’s three.


Perhaps VLC already has a solution for this issue. What did they say when you asked them?

Found what I needed. I located a free site which allows me to merge tracks. So Now I need to edit the voice overs and increase the tracks gain slightly then merger the two together.