Merging projects and tracks

Hi, I’m new.
This weekend I digitized 3 LP’s. Two went well: one with two LP sides in one Audacity track, one with two consecutive audacity tracks for the two lp-sides. The third was Abbey Road, where on side two abt 11 titles feature, but two or three songs are in one LP-track. I did not get the labels right and deleted all from side two.
Today I recorded side two in a new project, and managed to get the right labels with the right songs. But I messed up with starting and interruping recording. I ended with one track of 3 labels, a follow up track for two more, but the track for the last title took a second audiotrack.
I managed to group export wav files, but the track numbers were doubled end even tripled, so I think I cant burn a decent CD (as a back-up for my NAS music).

Therefore my Question: how can I make one audio track from two, and how can I then merge the two projects into one audiotrack. All with keeping the labels in place?

Audacy 3.1.3, Windows 10, USB record player

You can’t merge AUP or AUP3 projects but if you use File → Import → Audio you can import multiple tracks into one project. If you leave them lined-up at the starting-point they will mix, but you can click & drag the track title to move one or more tracks in the time-line to combine one after the other when you export.

You’ll have to zoom-in to align them perfectly where they were split and it might be easier to start-over and record one more time…

but two or three songs are in one LP-track.

With CDs this is easier to handle. You can make one-long file and use a [u]Cue Sheet[/u] to put the track markers wherever you want. That works great with live recordings where there is no silence between tracks. Some burning applications may not support cue sheets. I use ImgBurn.

Most computer formats don’t support “tracks” or “chapters” (and/or most player software doesn’t support them). So if you want to select & play tracks separately, and have a separate track/song name, each song has to be a separate file. Then, there can be issues getting “gapless playback”.