merging multiple audio files sequentially into one file

Using Audacity 2.1.3 on Windows 10

I have multiple audio files and want to merge them into one file so they still play sequentially i.e. instead of having to deal with File 1, File, 2, File 3 separately I want to merge them into File A so I hear File 1 + File 2 + File 3 + etc in one file, File A. I used to know how to do this but can’t find my notes. I recall having to do 5 or 6 procedures using different menu selections.

I would appreciate if someone can provide me with the instructions - will make sure I keep them in a secure place this time.

Thank you.

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There’s usually more than one way to do anything but here’s how I do it…

Open the 1st file, then use File → Import → Audio to open the subsequent files and they will appear below each other.

Click on the file name just-above the waveform and you can drag it to the right. (This has changed recently so this is for the current version.)

When you export, all of the tracks will be “mixed” to stereo (or mono) everything will be in sequence in one stereo (or mono) track if you re-open the exported file. (If they don’t overlap you are mixing a lot of silence.)

merge them into one file so they still play sequentially

Just be aware that the standard “computer formats” (WAV & MP3) don’t support “tracks numbering” or “chapters”. So for example, if you put several songs into one-big file you won’t able to (easily) select a song. If you download an album from Amazon or iTunes you get a separate file for each track. Your player software can play them in sequence (using the track number embedded metadata/tags) or you can make a playlist to play in a pre-determined sequence.

thank you - one other question - these are files for language learning and the individual files have no space for repetition so I need to add 3 or 4 seconds or more to each file before merging them - is there some way to add the silent 3 or 4 seconds to all the files before going to merge them? such as selecting all and appending the silent space?

thank you

… I cheat … I put the files on my laptop (that has the headphone stereo 1/8" plug) and run the files through my audio program there on the laptop to my desktop computer_, via Line In,_ that has Audacity 3.1.2 on it (laptop to desktop connected via the 1/8" plugged cable) and record the playlist … I cheat.

Respectfully, ZARDOZ

If there are a lot of tracks, using “align end to end” is quicker than moving each one manually

There is a plugin made specifically for that … Extend Silences

I am having problems with Extend silences - I don’t know what to put in the setup box. I just want to add 4 seconds at the end of each file (item no 3 in the parameters box) but I am being forced to put in a value in the first two parameters - Threshold for silence (dB) & Min detected silence (seconds). The problem is that the files end abruptly after the speech finishes so there is no real silence to detect - why I want to add silence. I have tried leaving those first two boxes empty and then just put in 4 for Add silence duration (seconds) - that was rejected so I put in some numbers for the first 2 but still rejected because, I suppose, of the lack of sufficient silence at end to detect.

Any suggestions? Rather than extend silence, is there anything that just adds arbitrarily a fixed number of seconds of silence to the end of the file?

Thank you.

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Select the track region that you want to be silent, then “Generate menu > Silence”.

thank you - question : does that mean if I have 20 files, I have to do each file separately? I can’t select All under Edit and then Generate silence for all ?

That’s the easiest way. If you had hundreds of files to do then it might be worth automating it, but for just 20 files it will probably be quicker just to do them manually.

actually I do have hundreds - I just mentioned 20 as an example to make it simple to ask the question

Select all, then move cursor to “Home”, then generate the silence, then select all again, then “align end to end” …
add 1 sec silence to all.gif

thank you - I am not so experienced with Audacity and I am having problems trying to reproduce your instructions. Specifically I am not able to get the cursor to Home and stay there. After I try that and move my mouse to generate silence the cursor follows across the screen to where the mouse goes to generate silence. I am not understanding how to keep the cursor fixed at home while the mouse goes to the next step. What am I missing? I feel a bit dumb asking. Sorry.

Select All (I press “Ctrl”+“A” keys),
Home (I hit “Home” key on Keyboard),
Generate Silence,
Select All (again),
Align end to end,
Select All (again),
Mix and render to new track.

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@Trebor Thanks :+1: - Very helpful!