Merge Two Parts Of The Same Piece Of Music To Create An Uninterrupted Piece

I’ve used Audacity for years but only for very basic stuff, like cutting the length of audio. So please excuse my ignorance on correct terminology. I hope I explained my question in a way that’s understandable.
(I’ve tried a fair bit of searching on Google and YouTube but couldn’t find anything helpful but I expect that’s because I don’t know the correct terminology.)

I have two parts of (I believe) the same piece of music. I’d like to join them together so that it sounds like a continuous track. I have an intro and outro piece of music from a podcast.
What I have are two parts to the same piece of music so to speak but I have the beginning and middle in one recording and the middle and end in another. I’d like to sync the two together, so it sounds like its one piece.

Is there a way to manually (or automatically) match the waveform from two separate audio tracks?
As in, maybe put one track over another and move one to see where they line up?
(I know one can put tracks under each-other and move them but doing that hasn’t helped me much)

The only idea I know of is to cut the tracks as close as I can find to match something distinctive in the audio and try to copy and paste the second piece but I’m sure there must be a better way that I don’t know of.

Audacity1939 (yes, I named my profile after a ship)

If you use the spectrogram display , (rather than the default waveform view), that can enable you to see the music, and align it (manually) …

Thanks for your suggestion.
I’ll try using Spectrogram view and see if it helps.

It will probably take some trial and error.

If you’re not already doing this, it will be easier if they are on separate tracks. Then they will “mix” when played or when exported. That allows you to drag the 2nd track back and forth in time.

If you can overlap for a few seconds (or more) before trimming that will also make it easier to synchronize them.

A short crossfade usually makes a smoother splice and it can be a fraction of a second, or longer depending on what sounds best.

Thanks for the advice.

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