Merge files and keep track tags

I have Audacity 2.0.0, installed from the .exe file. My OS is Windows XP Pro, SP2. I am new at Audacity and creating files with tags, so I am sure the answer to my question is somewhere in the manual or on this forum, but I have searched and searched, with no results.

I have created an .aup file of 7 songs where I have added the overall Metadata data. Then I found the start of each of the 7 songs, and labeled each track. But these track labels do NOT appear in the Metadata Editor. I tried to add them manually to the Editor, but only the last one entered is recognized.

So I used the Export Multiple feature to create FLAC files. This creates 7 different files, each one about 7 subdirectories down, and EACH with the same file name. This is not effective when I want to play them continuously through my Sonos system. So I tried to combine the files into one longer file by importing 2 files and using the Edit->Find Zero Crossing, Edit->Remove and Edit->Paste technique I found on this forum. That combines the files but ONLY the first track label is saved, and it is applied to both files. So that is no good.

I also have a USB player in my car, so I tried the same Export Multiple technique to join MP3 files. But as with FLAC, only the first track label is kept.

Is there some way that I can have all 7 songs in one file AND retain the track information for each song, by combining files or? Both my Sonos and my car let me search by title.

Thanks for any help you can provide,


Audacity only has one set of metadata per project.
if you want to export multiple files from the same project, open the Metadata Editor and add the metadata that is common to all files.
During Export Multiple the Metadata Editor will pop up before each file export (see * below if you have disabled this), so that you can enter any data that is unique to each track.

  • The option enabling/disabling the Metadata Editor prior to export is in “Edit > Preferences > Import Export”


Thanks for the information. Sorry that only one Metadata data set is exported per project. Is this something that could be added in the future, or is it not technically possible? (I know about Export Multiple, but that creates all individual files, which is not what I want.)


Even if Audacity had separate medatata per Audacity track, it wouldn’t help you because you want to have different metadata for different songs in one file. Audio formats do not support this by and large.

If your players can play files one after the other from a playlist, use Export Multiple and add each exported file to a playlist folder, then you have metadata for each song.

If you can listen to an audio CD, Export Multiple then burn each file to an audio CD without any gap between the tracks. See . This does not preserve the file metadata, but if your CD writing drive and burning software support CD-Text, you can add metadata to the CD tracks that way.



Thanks for the tips. My CD burner lists CD-Text, but I won’t know whether I can add it or not until I burn my next one.