Menu items grayed out [SOLVED]

I’m a newbie to Audacity and editing mp3 files in general. I have a song that I want to edit (chop down) so I can make a new ringtone.

Here’s what I keep running into: After I highlight (select) a section of the song I then open the ‘Edit’ menu. The options Cut, Copy, Delete, etc. are all grayed out and I can’t select them. The buttons off to the right that perform these same functions don’t work either. It seems like it doesn’t like the way I highlighted the section or something – but there are only so many ways you can click– hold down – drag – release. Grrr! I even went as far as downloading and reinstalling the program again thinking I might have gotten a ‘bad’ copy possibly, if that’s even possible, but that didn’t do anything (big shock!).

Has anyone ever experienced this? How did you go about fixing or working around it?


Most of the editing tools will drop dead when you’re in Pause instead of Stop.

That seemed to have been the issue, thanks Koz! (now I can stop beating my head on the floor)